Archival sources

Australian War Memorial

AWM54 Australian War Memorial
435/1/6 [Inventions - General:] Inventions in War – Record of the origin, growth, and achievements of the Army Inventions Directorate in the war period, March 1942 – September 1945 (Feb 1946) 1946–1946
435/3/3 [Inventions - War Inventions Award Committee:] File consisting mainly of correspondence between Mr L J Hartnett, Chairman, Inventions Directorate and Maj Gen G A Vasey, development and production of Austen Sub-Machine gun and functions and operation of Inventions Directorate 1941–1942

Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science

MS7 JA Gilruth
MS168 EW Titterton

CSIRO Archives

Series 3
KA/5/7 Atomic Energy, CSIRO Research, UN Atomic Energy Commission 1946–1948
KA/5/12/3 Atomic Energy, CSIRO Projects, Collaboration with Canada, Reports from Dr Briggs on the Canadian Atomic Energy Project 1946
KA5/17/1 Atomic Energy, CSIRO Projects, Co-operationwith Melbourne University, Investigations 1945–1956
KA10/2/2-1 Atomic Energy, Committees, Councils, Institutes, Atomic Energy Advisory Committee, Minutes of meetings 1945–1948

National Archives of Australia

A1 Department of External Affairs / Department of Home and Territories / Department of Home Affairs
1918/6038 Establishment of an Astronomical Observatory at Canberra (Mt. Stromlo) 1910–1918
1930/6111 Dr. Gilruth. Appt. Administrator N.T. 1916–1930
A202 Federal Capital Territory 
1914/3272 Solar Observatory 1911–1914
A427 Department of the Interior
G1941/7 Optical munitions etc – Members of observatory staff employed on war work 1940–1948
A431 Department of the Interior
1947/2068 Commonwealth Solar Observatory. Post War Reconstruction 1943–1944
1959/450 Institute of Anatomy Buildings in Canberra 1925–1936
A457 Prime Minister’s Department
E553/1 Flora & Fauna. Donation to Commonwealth by Dr. Wm. Colin Mackenzie. (Australian Institute of Anatomical Research) 1923–1923
A461 Prime Minister’s Department
H341/1/1 Atomic Power and energy – Policy 1945–1949
J340/1/7 Part 1 Universities: National University Canberra Part 1. 1926–1950
A463 Prime Minister’s Department
1957/3982 J A [John Aldous] Fry – Death as a result of radiation 1957–1960
A659 Department of the Interior
1943/1/3907 Australia Unlimited by Brady, E J 1912–1943
45/1/2167 Institute of Anatomy – General 1935–1945
A816 Department of Defence
3/301/433 Part 1 Commission for Control of Atomic Energy 1945–1948
9/301/163 Establishment & Representation on Defence Research & Development Policy Committees. Part 1 1948–1957
A1196 Department of Air
2/501/266 Atomic Energy – Control of – Policy 1946 1946–1946
A1608 Prime Minister’s Department
AK29/1/2 War Records Committee on National Morale Main File 1941–1945
A1928 Department of Health
695/3 Section 2 Institute of Anatomy General. Section 2 1930–1938
695/3 Section 3 National Museum of Australian Anatomy Australian Institute of Anatomy . Reservation of sites at Canberra & Transfer to Canberra. Section 3 1938–1946
A2644 Australian Institute of Anatomy
20/1 Administrative arrangements – use of Institute building by outside bodies – lecture theatre etc 1931–1953
70 Institute of Anatomy 1930–1953
A2645 Australian Institute of Anatomy
50/1/7 Part 1 Face masks – famous scientists 1930–1957
A5954 Department of Defence (Shedden Collection)
1384/3 Atomic bomb – tests on warships by United States Navy 1945–1952
A6122 Australian Security Intelligence Organization
58 Royal Commission of Espionage 1954 – 1955 References to “ENORMAZ” i.e. Atomic Tests in Australia 1954–1955
216 Communist Party of Australia (CPA) Attitude towards the Atomic Bomb 1952–1955
A6455 Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia
RC131 PART 1 Department of Supply – AWTSC Minutes of Meetings 1 to 16, 8 July 1955 to 4 January 1956. Presented 7/11/1984 at Melbourne 1956–1957
A6456 Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia
R030/072 Maralinga – Press Radio Release and Newspaper Cuttings 1956 1956–1956
R030/074 Maralinga Press and Publicity c1950–c1985
R030/075 Maralinga Press and Publicity c1950–c1985
R030/080 Maralinga Visit by Press Representatives 1955-1956 1955–1956
R030/085 Maralinga – Non-Scientific Press Releases – Mr Hungerford c1950–c1985
R047/011 Press Statements – Atomic Tests in Australia 1955 & 1956 1955–1956
R069/003 National Radiation Advisory Committee – Minutes, Agenda & Minutes c1950–c1985
R069/004 NRAC – Meetings, Agenda & Minutes (2) c1950–c1985
R069/011 AWTSC – Establishment Membership & Terms of Reference c1950–c1985
R087/016 Effect of Atomic Explosions on the Weather c1950–c1985
R087/081 CSIRO research into effects on rainfall of atomic explosions c1950–c1985
R124/007 Effect Of Atomic Tests On Weather Conditions General 1956-59 1956–1959
R102/001 Atomic explosions on the weather – effect of c1950–c1985
R198/010 NRAC Published & unpublished material-Information for members c1950–c1985
R198/020 NRAC-Statements in the Press brought to the attention of committee c1950–c1985
R209/004 Monte Bello 1956 Tests – Operation Mosaic-Publicity 1956–1956
A8510 Advisory Council of Science and Industry / Commonwealth Institute of Science and Industry
3/5/4 Administration and organization Act of 1920. Science and industry 1920 Act – introduction of Bill publicity. Solicited publicity from press and industrial organisations for support of 1920 Bill. [John Graham] 1918–1920
80/2 Advisory Council of Science and Industry. Press matters. 1916–1921
A9103 Commonwealth Solar Observatory
4 1940 Solar Eclipse 1940
A9778 Council for Scientific and Industrial Research 
M13/20/1/15 CSIR – Defence Research Security – key documents file 1947–1949
M13/20/1/7 CSIR and secret work – correspondence with Mr J E Cummins (Chief Scientific Liaison Officer, UK) and ASRLO Washington 1948–1949
M13/20/1/18 Canberra – 11 October 1948 – meeting with Minister and related correspondence 1948–1948
A9816 Department of Post-War Reconstruction
1943/664 Part 1 Dr Bradfield’s Scheme for Watering Inland Australia 1944–1947
43/1052 Australian Association of Scientific Workers. General Correspondence 1941–1946
AA1964/52/1 Advisory Council of Science and Industry
6 Scheme for establishment of permanent Institute , including meeting of Advisory Council with Prime Minister July 17 1917–1917
MP392 Ordnance Production Directorate
Bundle 3 Optical [Munitions] Panel 1940–1940
MP730 JK Jensen
Item 12 The History of the Scientific Instruments and Optical Panel, Initially Optical Munitions Panel – J S Rogers, Secretary and Executive Officer, SIOP 1940–1946
Item 16 History of Scientific Instrument and Optical Panel 1938–1948
MP927 Department of the Army
A177/1/106 Part 2 Army Inventions Directorate verbatim minutes 1942-1946 board papers & agenda 1945-1946 Board papers & Agenda 1942-1944 1942–1946
A177/1/106 Part 3 Army Inventions – papers minutes and index books 1942–1946
MP1164/12 Army Inventions Directorate
Vol. 1 Register of inventors and inventions, nos.1 to 9883 1942–1943
Vol. 2 Register of inventors and inventions, nos. 9884 to 18146 1943–1944
Vol. 3 Register of inventors and inventions, nos. 18147 to 20380 1944–1946
MP1472 Department of Munitions
Box 1/1 Optical Munitions Panel (OMP) Later Scientific Instruments and Optical Panel (SIOP) – Agenda and Minutes of Meetings – Meetings 1-8 1940–1941

National Library of Australia

MS206 EJ Brady
MS236 Littleton Groom
MS987 JJ Dedman
MS1540 Alfred Deakin
MS4965 Brian Fitzpatrick
MS7360 CW Allen


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